“The Faded Rose band has a unique style that surely resonates with their listening audience in an uplifting yet musical way.”” - Mercedes Barreto

Talent Manual Magazine

“Don’t Say,” the new single from Faded Rose, is a song for those moments when we want to believe in love. The indie rock songstress illustrates the often razor-thin line between fear and love — particularly, when we’ve been hurt before, but have the chance to start again with someone new.” - Gerard Longo

United Music Collective

If you are a fan of Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, then you have to check out “Something In The Way” by Faded Rose. This mellow country track features gorgeous female vocals over a soothing acoustic guitar strumming along with bass and drums. But it is the vocals that listeners have to listen for as they soar musical heights that cannot be missed. Such a beautiful song!” - Amy Braun

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“For God's sake, what an incredible voice we find with Faded Rose, who gets into our head as an opportunity to express all our sadness without any fear through what we let you enjoy here. Maybe Maybe has a very well done evolution, as an opportunity to forgive what we find. We love that it is a song that is valued towards everyone and serves to feed the sadness or mixed feelings of everything in this song towards us.”” - Indie Criollo
“Faded Rose delivers a sound that falls somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Maranda Lambert. Perhaps a touch more commercial than Lucinda, but still with that jaded and ticked off attitude. Faded Rose is not quite as commercial as Lambert, but still possesses that same strong feminine determination that has made Miranda a star. ‘Judgement Day’ is a well-written track with emotion and musical punch to make you feel it deep in your bones.” ” - Travis Erwin